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Tips for tenants

Smooth and enjoyable tenancies take a little bit of care and consideration...

And by being a responsible and thoughtful tenant, you can enjoy a successful and long-lasting rental experience.

Here are our tips to help you make the most out of your tenancy:

  Read and Understand the Lease Agreement

Carefully read and understand your lease agreement before signing. Familiarise yourself with the terms, rules, and responsibilities outlined in the document. If there are any clauses or conditions you don't understand, seek clarification from either us or your landlord. Being aware of your obligations from the beginning will set the stage for a successful tenancy.

  Pay Rent on Time

Prompt rent payment is crucial for maintaining a positive relationship with your landlord. Set a reminder for rent due dates and ensure you allocate funds in advance. Timely rent payment demonstrates your reliability and financial responsibility. If unexpected circumstances arise, contact us or your landlord (depending on on who collects your rent) as soon as possible solutions.

  Keep Communications Open and Honest

Establishing effective communication with your landlord is key. Be responsive to their inquiries, requests, and notices. If you have any concerns or issues regarding the property, promptly inform your landlord or property management team

  Take Care of the Property

Treat the rental property as if it were your own. Regularly clean and maintain the property, including appliances, fixtures, and the general living space. Promptly report any maintenance or repair issues to your landlord, allowing them to address problems before they worsen. Respect the property by adhering to any rules or restrictions regarding noise, pets, or alterations.

  Giving Notice

If you plan to move out or not renew your lease, provide your landlord with sufficient notice as required by your lease agreement. This allows them time to find new tenants and make necessary arrangements. Giving notice in advance shows respect for your landlord's time and helps maintain a positive relationship.

  Be a Good Neighbour

Respect your neighbours' rights to quiet enjoyment of their own spaces. Keep noise levels reasonable, particularly during nighttime hours. Follow any community rules or regulations regarding parking, waste disposal, or shared spaces. A considerate and friendly attitude towards your neighbors fosters a pleasant living environment.

  Obtain Renter's Insurance

While not mandatory, obtaining renter's insurance is highly recommended. Renter's insurance protects your personal belongings in case of theft, fire, or natural disasters. It also provides liability coverage in case someone gets injured while on the property. Renter's insurance offers peace of mind and demonstrates responsible tenancy.

By following these simple tips, you can establish a successful and long-lasting tenancy.

Remember, a good tenant will get a great reference when it comes to renting their next new home.

If you have any questions about renting, please get in touch with our helpful team who would be happy to help.

Tips for tenants
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